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Zaria Art School is the natural
habitat of Nigerian Art

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Our Mission

To advance the frontiers of learning and break new grounds, through teaching, research and the dissemination of knowledge of the highest quality; to establish and foster national and international integration, development and the promotion of African traditions and cultures; to produce  high-level human power and enhance e capacity-building through retraining, in order to meet the needs and challenges of the catchment area, Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Our Vision

Ahmadu Bello University shall be a worldclass University comparable to any other, engaged in imparting contemporary knowledge, using high quality facilities and multi-disciplinary approaches, to men and women of all races as well as generating new ideas and intellectual practices relevant to the needs of its immediate community, Nigeria and the world at large.

Our Philosophy

The Fine Arts programme is tailored through both academic and professional training, aimed at developing students' perceptual, conceptual artistic talent and expressive abilities. It is focused towards stimulating consciousness and enquiry into the practical and theoretical issues relevant to the discipline, its cultural setting and the human society. The programme is designed to respond and accommodate rapid socioeconomic and political changes that shape the Nigerian cultural milieu. 


Our Values

The University's values are derived from a synthesis of its most cherished ideals, its background, the context in which it operates, its tradition and practices as summarized below:

  1. Quality Academic and Research Programmes and facilities based upon international standards.
  2. Cosmopolitan Staff and Student Composition
  3. Conducive and Secure Physical and Social Landscape
  4. Atmosphere of Academic Freedom
  5. Strong Community Service
  6. Reputation for Institutional Discipline and Harmony
  7. Quality of Learning and Research
  8.  Quality and Variety of Learning and Research Facilities
  9. Dynamic and Interactive Leadership and Management
  10. Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Learning and Research
  11. Quaiot7y and Variety of Sports and Recreational Activities
  12. Strong Linkages with Reputable and Internationally “Recognized Institutions.
  13. Gender Sensitivity
  14. Strong Relationship with the Alumni