Postgraduate Programme



  • To turn out highly trained and qualified artists that are innovative and capable of developing a new visual language as artists and illustrators.
  • To expose and avail staff to relevant and available training research opportunities in Nigeria and abroad.
  • To provide facilities and equipment relevant training of student to face the art challenges of the modern day.
  • To make available the much needed materials and equipments for teaching, learning and research.
  • To make available, space for students studio work, staff offices, lecture halls and a Gallery.



  • There shall be a continual review of curriculum of the painting, drawing and illustration programme to meet the need of contemporary Nigeria.
  • To develop policies leading to innovative skills for cyber painting, drawing and illustration.
  • To expand the capacity of the facilities for teaching and learning and enhance their quality.
  • To ensure compliance with current world standards and trends in painting research.
  • To create a forum for debate through which students become increasingly professionalised.